Webstore prep

I've been working since July making pottery to launch my webstore. It takes so long, you know, because the squirrels I hired are injured and also have very bad attitudes. It's been odd to be formalizing my business — getting tax ID numbers and a bank account and such, without actually being a business, because I haven't had anything for sale since late July. 

I've been mainly focused on mugs, mostly because I already had so many mug designs I wanted to make available. Once the initial batch of work goes live I will be adding planters and vases and bowls. 

Also, my business has basically taken over my house, but in October my mom is flying out to help me consolidate into one magnificent area. 

starting lineup.jpg

craft fair

Renegade Craft Fair Portland

This past weekend I participated in Renegade Craft Fair in Portland. I have not done a craft fair before, so I had none of the infrastructure. This being an outdoor craft fair meant that I needed a tent with weighted poles, which intimidated me. I couldn't just bring a stool and a bowl and a piece of poster board. 

I did a practice display set up in my backyard. Here I am serving as the table legs. I made a few trips to Home Depot (that place can be a real ghost town when you need help), and Ikea, where I saw this boobie lamp shade that I adore, but did not buy. 


I wasn't worried at all about having a nice set up because I had this super planned out drawing to work from.


My mom came to town to help me with the fair. I left all the fun stuff for her to do.

The oddest part of it for me was probably buying 100lbs of sand, and then driving back to the store for another 50 lbs. 

Friday night we had a nice time loading all of my pieces onto the patio table and sanding and rinsing and then pricing them. We were petsitting our dog friend Fred, so Jessie (our pup) and Fred tore around the backyard precariously close to my fragile merchandise. My mom was  anxious about it but I knew they would respect the goods. Dogs just get pottery. 

When I was trying to come up with a URL (because piecesderesistance.com is almost $3k) my genius friend Emily suggested Englaze S'il Vous Plait, which I LOVE. Not for a URL (and she was kidding anyway) but for a tagline. I made it its own sign. Jokes on me because I was a terrible French student, and my pronunciation was the worst of it, and now I have a business with a French name.

One thing I learned: Write the PIECES DE RESISTANCE EMAIL LIST at the top of each page, not just the first one, so that you can rip each sheet off as it fills. (duh.) Also bring enough business cards (double duh.) 

The fair went great! Our booth looked lovely, bright and colorful and clean. I sold most of what I brought and learned a LOT from getting direct feedback to my work. Also it was just really fun.